South Roxboro Restriping - Cornwallis to Summit (2018)

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) resurfaced South Roxboro Street between Cornwallis Road and Summit Street in 2018, and the City is prepared designs for bicycle facilities when the road was resurfaced.

The preliminary cross-section designs can be seen below, and the full design can be viewed here


More Information About the Project

The City of Durham has been making strides to improve biking and walking in the City. In May 2017, City Council adopted the Durham Bike+Walk Implementation Plan, which provides recommendations for bicycle and pedestrian facilities to improve safety, connectivity, and quality of life throughout Durham. In this planning process, this section of South Roxboro Street was identified as part of the Priority Bicycle Network.

 Approximately 10,000 motor vehicles travel through the corridor daily, along with bicyclists and pedestrians. The planned improvements to the road will improve the safety for all road users by making it a more “complete street.” Complete Streets are designed for people of all ages and abilities to feel comfortable walking, biking, driving, or using transit.

NCDOT resurfaced the road in the late summer of 2018. The new striping was installed following the resurfacing.