Odor Control

Stack of concrete pipes against the blue sky.

Odor Control and Reduction Efforts

We work hard to be a good neighbor to surrounding residents and businesses. We also consistently review operating practices at our facilities to ensure compliance with state and federal water quality regulations. Recently, we've taken steps at the South Durham Water Reclamation Facility (SDWRF) to minimize odors.

In spring of 2018, we partnered with Evoqua Water Technologies, a global leader in wastewater odor and corrosion control, to launch a pilot program for odor reduction at SDWRF. The process involves feeding a chemical solution to incoming wastewater at strategic points in the sanitary sewer system. These chemicals immediately react to and neutralize odor-causing organic and sulfuric materials in the wastewater. Additionally, Water Management has added odor scrubbers at various air release valves (ARVs) in and around SDWRF, and increased the filter sizes of existing scrubbers. These devices "scrub" hazardous fumes collected during the treatment process, purifying the air before safely venting it to the environment. Further steps have included targeted sewer line jetting, increased inspections and maintenance of ARVs, and the replacement of several manhole inserts in the general vicinity. Water Management has also performed smoke testing in residential areas adjacent to SDWRF, in an effort to help homeowners identify various problems with their private plumbing systems.

Evoqua Odor Logging

Since our Evoqua program went online, Water Management has tracked data and used that information to fine tune the process and enhance odor control efforts. We are happy to share these results with our customers - please click the links below for more details. New logs will be uploaded here monthly.

May 2018 Odor Logs

June 2018 Odor Logs

August 2018 Odor Logs

September 2018 Odor Logs

October 2018 Odor Logs

November 2018 Odor Logs

December 2018 Odor Logs

January 2019 Odor Logs

March 2019 Odor Logs

May 2019 Odor Logs

An odor scrubber outside SDWRF

SDWRF Odor Scrubber

Evoqua odor control measures inside SDWRF

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