Hispanic Liaison Officer

Hispanic Liaison Mission

In an effort to bridge the gap between the Durham Police Department and the Hispanic community the Hispanic Liaison was created to build trust of the community and seek out information that leads to the closure of violent crime within the Hispanic community. This is done by working hand in hand with different Hispanic resources. The Liaison also orientates and advises the Hispanic community of their rights and responsibilities.

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Hispanic Liaison Brochure (English)

Hispanic Liaison Brochure (Spanish)

The Hispanic Liaison works within the City of Durham in an effort to attain the following objectives:

• Establish a positive relationship with members of the Hispanic community, including civic and religious groups, businesses, and service providers.

• Promote community relationships within the Hispanic community by attending community meetings, workshops, and safety seminars

• Encourages Spanish-speaking residents to report criminal activity and assists them with filing police reports as needed

• Enhances the Hispanic community’s involvement in police programs such as Neighborhood Watch, P.A.Ls and various other programs that the Durham Police Department has to offer.

• Assisting the Hispanic media outlets with written and verbal crime prevention information