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The Innovation Team focuses on two main objectives:

  • Executing the City’s Continuous Improvement workplan. Continuous Improvement is dedicated focus on internal problem solving. For public organizations, like the City of Durham, this might mean designing interventions to make an existing process more efficient, accessible, equitable, easier, or less costly. In other words, improving the way we offer services and programs at the City of Durham.
  • Designing, testing, and implementing innovation projects. Public innovation involves developing and testing new ideas, products, programs, and methods or replicating successful interventions from other applications. Evaluating the impact of these projects is an essential piece our work.

Our work is aimed at understanding how the City might adapt to meet the needs of its residents and employees.

Current Projects (FY 2023-24)

  1. Innovate Durham 2024 Cohort announcement

    Innovate Durham Announces Winning Cohort for 2024 Program

    Four companies will soon bring their new ideas to the City of Durham and Durham County governments by spending the next 16 weeks testing out innovative solutions to local challenges. Read on...
  2. Hafeez Dalla and his partner, Carina Barnett-Loro, Participants in the Compost program

    Banana peels and pizza crusts: City pilot program turns food scraps into compost

    Lyndsay Gavin, innovation project manager for the city, says programs such as the Walltown pilot may encourage environmentally friendly behaviors in other areas of life and foster engagement with one’s community. Read More...
  3. WRAL news covering durham composting program

    Durham expanding curbside composting program to 500 households

    WRAL news covers the expansion of the curbside composting program. A program pilot led by Innovation Manager Lyndsay Gavin, Solid Waste, and the Center for Advanced Hindsight. Read More...
  4. The Innovate Durham Team, and Mayor Pro Tem Middleton receive award for Innovate Durham

    City of Durham Wins "Most Entrepreneurial Town" Award

    The City of Durham won the "Most Entrepreneurial Town" Award for its Innovate Durham Program, which is run by the Innovation Team in the Office of Performance and Innovation. The award was a part of the 2022 Local Leadership Awards. Read More...
  5. IMG_1913

    How 4 US Cities How 4 US cities are Building Resilience

    The work of the Innovation Team in the Office of Performance and Innovation is featured in Business Insider: "How 4 US cities are building resilience by focusing on clean energy, innovation, and smart infrastructure." Read More...
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