Steering Committee

The Steering Committee was appointed by City Council in July 2018. For the first year of the process the Steering Committee will use the current Ward districts. The members of the steering committee consist of 15 members, one City Council member and alternate. There are five members from each ward. Among the 15 members, there is one youth seat and one seat reserved for a person with disabilities.

PB Steering committee
Raymond Eurquhart
Susan E Goodman
Marion T. Johnson
  Raymond T Palma
  José A Romero
WARD 2 Tiffany Elder
  Kyla Hartsfield
  Henry C Mckoy
  Sarah Mye
  AJ Williams
WARD 3 Sheila M Arias Abonza
  Chantelle Fisher-Borne
  Thomas F Fletcher
  Natalie S Murdock
  Jessica C Uba

Roles and Responsibilities of Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for assisting in the following:

· Drafting the PB rulebook

· Establishing goals and measures for success

· Creating the timeline for implementation of projects

· Developing the outreach strategy