Upload Instructions - Multi-Family/Non Residential

Types of files to upload - .PDF files only

Uploading Files - At the present, multiple documents cannot be uploaded at the same time. Each document must be uploaded separately.

Physical Site Address - The address used on the building application.

Type of File - In the drop down box, select which form or plans file to upload. If you are uploading the building application, choose Form - Building Application.

Naming the File - The name will be the physical site address. If there is a suite number, unit number or an apartment number, include that at the end of the address. Example: 123 Main St. Suite 101. (see Note below.)

*Note - Please do NOT use any symbols or special characters in the naming of the file as this will not allow the file to be opened in our office.

Description - Use the address description field on the building permit to fill this in.

Choose a Document - In the upload the .PDF document box, click on the browse button to select the document from your directory. Then confirm the attached document is a .PDF by selecting Yes.

*Note - Depending on the size of plans (max 200mb) to be submitted and internet connection, it is required to break the plans into the separate trades (Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire, etc.) Under the Type of File drop down box, there is a listing for each of these trades.

**Note - When submitting plans for review there are documents/forms that are required to be uploaded along with the plans. These are: Building Application, Workman's Comp., Lien Agent and the current Building Code Summary (This can be a separate sheet or attached to the plans.)

***Note - When naming the files, use the address from the building permit for each document/form or plan. Continue using this format for all uploaded documents related to that job.

****Note - If an Impact Fee is required, it will need to be signed at the time of picking up the approved building permit.