2019 Lodge St. Regional Stormwater Imp. (SD-2019-10)


Greg Smith, PE
Phone: 919-560-4326, ext. 30255

Project Status

The City has entered into a professional services contract with Horvath Associates, P.A. and their work is currently in progress. Site surveying will occur March - May 2019 by a subcontracted firm Sepi Engineering.

Due to further degradation of Scout Drive stormwater drainage system, the City utilized an existing contractor, Carolina Civil Works, to perform the construction of that system in May 2019. Scout Drive was reopened to traffic in early June 2019.

Video inspection contractors were on site in July 2019 to flush as much sediment and debris from existing system as possible and obtain current information on the condition of the pipe network.

Current Project Schedule

  • Advertisement:  December 7, 2018
  • Submittal Deadline:  December 21, 2018
  • Notice to Proceed:  March 5, 2019
  • Site Surveying:  March - May 2019
  • Preliminary Design:  March - August 2019
  • Public Information Session: February 2020
  • Permitting and Easement Procurement: 2019-2021
  • Advertisement for Construction Bids:  April 2021
  • Construction to Begin: April 2023 (anticipated)
  • Construction Completion: July 2022 (anticipated)
Please note that this schedule is tentative and relies on factors outside of our control, including; securing easements, permit review timeframes, and the construction bids received through the competitive bidding process.

Project Description

The City of Durham sought assistance through professional services for the survey, design, permitting and developing of construction documents for the Lodge Street Regional Stormwater Improvements project. The City's Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) program was utilized for this process. A request for qualifications (RFQ) was advertised on December 7, 2018 and three (3) submittals were received.

The Lodge Street Regional project site (see GoMaps: https://goo.gl/aMhrpx) involves replacing and/or rerouting a compromised, existing stormwater drainage pipe system located both in the City right-of-way and on private property. It is the City’s preference to relocate as much of the system as possible into the City right-of-way. This includes City roadways of Scout Drive and South Street.

Due to the compromised condition of the stormwater drainage system, this project is being expedited with reduced timeframes for advertising, awarding, and project schedule.