Permits, Inspections, Code Violations, Blasting

Please visit Inspection and Permit Fees for costs associated with INSPECTIONS AND PERMITS.

Use the links below to access the applications for various permits. Submit the completed application(s) via email to [email protected]

  1. AST-UST Install Permit
  2. AST-UST Removal Permit
  3. Visit our Blasting Page for Blasting Permits and Blasting information
  4. Burning Permit (Word Version)
  5. Burning Permit (PDF Version)
  6. Durham-Public-Carnivals-Fairs-Festivals-and-Special-Amusement-Buildings-Permit-Application-PDF
  7. Durham-Public-Carnivals-Fairs-Festivals-and-Special-Amusement-Buildings-Permit-Application-Word Version
  8. Fire Code Violation Extension Request
  9. Fire Inspection - To be used for any of the inspection types below:
        • Annual Routine Fire Inspection
        • Cooking Hood Suppression System Test
        • Final CO
        • Fire Alarm Acceptance Test
        • Foster Care Inspection
        • Partial/Phased CO
        • Sprinkler Rough-In
        • Sprinkler Final
        • Stocking Inspection
  10. Fireworks/Pyrotechnics Permit
  11. Mobile/Stationary Fuel Dispensing Flammable/Combustible Permit - PDF Format
  12. Mobile/Stationary Fuel Dispensing Flammable/Combustible Permit - Word Format
  13. Tent Permit   *Note Tent Permit Requirements
  14. Current City of Durham Ordinances
Fire Violation Code Extension Request
Blasting Information