Academy Road Waterline Extension

The Department of Water Management is beginning a project to design and install a new water main on Duke University Road, Academy Road, and Cranford Road. The locations of the improvements can be viewed on the project area map.

Project update

April 29, 2021 - This project is slated to begin construction on Monday, May 17. Traffic will be impacted during construction. Please plan accordingly.


The Department of Water Management will be installing a waterline extension on Academy Road from Duke University Boulevard to Cranford Road.

Total cost of the project is approximately $890,000.

The project is anticipated to begin in May 2021 and should be substantially complete in 90 days, with final completion in 120 days. The plan is to be finished before fall 2021 classes and athletic activities begin at Duke University.

The bike path along Academy Road will be detoured during construction.

Two-way traffic will be maintained at all times throughout the project; however, there will be lane closures and delays at various times during the project.

The total length of the extension is approximately 1,800 feet.


Why is this work needed, what work is included, how much will it cost, and how long will it take?
The project will create a waterline loop which will increase system reliability and water pressure in the vicinity of the improvements. The project is expected to cost approximately $890,000 and take six months to complete.

Will my business/property be impacted during the construction phase of the project?
Construction will not occur on private properties, but you will notice pedestrian, traffic, and noise impacts. The City’s contractor, JF Wilkerson, is required to keep access open to residences and businesses at all times. On-street parking, bicycle and pedestrian access may be obstructed due to work or traffic detours.

How will I know about detours, changes in traffic patterns, etc.?
In addition to other notifications, you'll see road signs about detours, changes in traffic patterns, and any other access issues.