Transitional Jobs

Transitional jobs programs provide temporary, wage-paying jobs, support services and job placement help to individuals who have difficulty getting and holding jobs in the regular labor market.

The Transitional Jobs component will be an expansion of the City Justice Involved Program’s current work experience, providing a structured life skills phase and more intentional strategy in the work experience or short-term paid employment. This component is critical for people who have little to no work experience and who need to support themselves and their families. The Transitional Jobs component will provide structure and income, as well as skill-building opportunities and a platform for entering the full-time labor market with the support of intensive case management/job development. The Transitional Jobs component will utilize and expand the network of private and public employers of the Justice Involved Program, to serve as worksites or workplace labs – teaching participants how to work while performing hard skills (work tasks) and displaying appropriate soft skills while earning wages.

The structural Transitional Jobs component to the Justice Involved Program, will include career readiness/human resource development training through Durham Technical Community College (DTCC), potential attainment of occupational skills certifications, mentoring, buy-in by local employers to determine the skills they want from potential employees and full time job development services. The transitional jobs component will provide more of an incentive for participants to remain accountable and employers to hire based on the skills the participant has displayed despite his/her criminal background. This component can also lead to critical indirect impacts such as reducing recidivism among persons with criminal backgrounds.

For more information on the transitional jobs program, please contact Courtney McCollum at 919.560.4965 x 15212 or [email protected] .