Gathering Neighborhood Meeting Addresses Instructions

The City of Durham and Durham County currently offers a quick and user-friendly system for applicants to retrieve addresses for required neighborhood meetings. Please follow the steps below to obtain the required addresses. Address information will be available for download via a comma-separated values(csv) file.

1. Open the Durham Maps GIS Web Application.

Go to to explore the online GIS and find the mailing list tool. 

01_Open Durham Maps

2. Find Your Parcel(s)

Find the property in your proposal by entering the address, REID, or PIN in the search box (for best results) or by zooming in on the map.

Search Bar

3. Turning on the Notification Tool

After locating the desired parcel(s), right click anywhere on the map and select “Mailing List Tool” 

Select Parcel Notification

4. Setting the Parameters

A small window labeled “Generate Address List” will appear on the map with a distance field and three green buttons. Type in the required distance for your report.
(Note: Type in only the number; all measurements with this tool are done in feet)


Future Land Use Map Amendment and Zoning with Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)

5. Selecting the Parcels

In the “Generate Address List” window, click the first green button labeled “Select Parcels”. Use your mouse to select the parcel(s). The selected parcel(s) will turn red. Remember to select all the parcels that are included in your proposed project.
Select Parcels
​If you accidentally selected an incorrect parcel, click the second green button labeled “Clear Selection” and start again.
Clear Selection

6. After you have your desired parcel(s) selected.

Click the third green button labeled “Show Results”. This will highlight all of the parcels that are within the required distance you specified in step 4. A new window labeled “Parcel Site Addresses” will appear on the left with the contact information for the newly highlighted parcels.
Show Results

7. Saving the Data

To download the data table to your PC, click either of the green text links below Parcel Site Addresses.

For Contact and Addresses, use “Save Owner Information to CSV”. 
For a more detailed report of the selected parcels, click “Save Full Parcel Record to CSV”.

Be sure to repeat the steps under step 7 and save the Occupant Addresses from the "Site Addresses" tab. The site addresses tab can be found next to the Owner Addresses tab, which is opened by default.

The occupant address list can be found on the Site Addresses tab, next to the Owner Addresses tab.

8. Save the CSV file.

Programs, such as Excel, can assist with converting this data to printable mailing labels. For more information on how to convert this data, please go to Microsoft Office’s website to learn more.