Historic Preservation

Durham has been proactively dedicated to the protection and preservation of its historic resources since the 1970s by inventorying historically significant structures in the City and County, designating local historic districts and landmarks, establishing and supporting the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), and nominating properties and districts for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Durham, as stated in the Durham Comprehensive Plan, is committed to identification, protection and promotion of historic resources as an integral component of quality growth in this jurisdiction.

Is My Property Designated as a Local Historic Property?

Local historic designations include both historic district properties (neighborhoods or groups of properties) and historic landmark properties (individual properties with a high level of historical significance). The designations are mapped on the City’s Durham Maps application. Instructions for determining whether a specific property is designated historic

What if My Property is Designated as a Local Historic Property?

If the property in question is designated as a local historic landmark or is located with a local historic district, then modifications to the property (building or site) will require a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) prior to pulling other related permits and beginning work.