Neighborhood Meeting Information

In order to create more opportunities for community members to participate, and to remove barriers to participation in neighborhood meetings, hybrid “in-person and virtual” or “virtual-only” neighborhood meetings are required to be held prior to application submittal.  

For more information on requirements for neighborhood meetings, please see the Neighborhood Meeting Guidelines document. The guidelines were updated on February 2, 2022. 

Neighborhood Meeting Steps 

All applicants shall hold a neighborhood meeting, per UDO paragraphs 3.2.3 and 3.4.4 prior to submitting an application for the following development proposals: comprehensive plan amendment; development agreement, zoning map change; conservation subdivision, annexation, and other applications as specified in the UDO or as designated by the Planning Director. 

The following steps 1 - 4 must be taken to ensure a neighborhood meeting is hosted within ordinance requirements: 

1. Complete the Neighborhood Meeting Mail Out Letter

Please download and complete the Neighborhood Meeting Notification Letter Template. This letter template must be used to mail out to community members within 1,000 feet. This form must also be uploaded to the Neighborhood Meeting Portal (see below) at the time of mailing to include in the Planning Weekly Newsletter.

*Please note that Neighborhood Meetings no longer need to be approved by staff before hosting. Staff will review that all guidelines and requirements of the neighborhood meeting were met in the first round of review.  Any meeting not following these requirements will need to be re-held. If staff notice an issue with the submitted notification template, they will notify the applicant team. Neighborhood meetings still need to be noticed at least 10 days before being held. 

2. Retrieve Neighborhood Meeting Addresses

The City of Durham and Durham County currently offers a quick and user-friendly system, via the DurhamMaps online GIS, for applicants to retrieve addresses for required neighborhood meetings. Please follow the steps included in the link below to obtain the required addresses. Address information will be available for download via a comma-separated values(csv) file. 

Go to the Meeting Address Instructions and DurhamMaps to complete the required neighborhood meeting requirements.

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3. Upload the Neighborhood Meeting Notice

Upload the neighborhood meeting notice at least 10 days prior to the neighborhood meeting date through the portal (or use the widget below).  Notices received after the 10-day mark will not count towards the neighborhood meeting requirement.


Virgil Road Assemblage

Tuesday, December 12, from 6 - 7pm

  • Enter the following meeting ID: 865 2105 1198
  • Enter the following password: 355809

Mt Moriah

Wednesday, December 13, from 6 - 7pm

Caring House

Monday, December 18, from 7:30 - 8:30pm

1301 Doc Nichols

Tuesday, December 19, from 6 - 7pm