Durham H2O 2 Go

To share more delicious Durham tap water, and cut back on the use of disposable water bottles, we have the Durham H2O 2 Go Hydration Station! It's available for large, outdoor community events that are open to the public. Durham H2O 2 Go offers eight bottle-filling taps and eight water fountains.

Conditions of Service

Durham H2O 2 Go FIll Up Drink Up lconAdvance promotion of the H2O 2 Go tap water service is required on all promotional material, including online and in print using the “Fill Up, Drink Up” icon. This content should also appear on the event website’s landing (main) page. Water Management will provide graphic identities to assist event organizers.

A special event must meet the following conditions for the inclusion of Durham H2O 2 Go:

  • Event must be held in Durham County.
  • Not-for-profit events only, open to the public. Ticketed/paid events must be hosted by a registered non-profit organization.
  • The event must last a minimum of three (3) hours in length. 
  • Minimum average event attendance of 150 people per hour of event duration (e.g. a 4 hour event must have 600 attendees) 
  • No sale or distribution of bottled water by vendors or event organizers is permitted.
  • Event must occur between March 15 and October 31. Durham H2O 2 Go is not available November 1 through March 14.
  • Event must begin at or after 7:00 a.m. and must conclude by 10:00 p.m.
  • Durham H2O 2 Go must be situated in a prominent location with adequate room agreeable to DWM staff. Adjacent space is required for a Water Management outreach booth/space.
  • A plan must be provided in the event of poor weather conditions (i.e. relocation, cancellation), and agreed to by City of Durham staff in advance of the event.
  • A standard electrical connection must be available. 
  • A suitable live water connection (i.e. hose bib), must be available for large or multi-day events, or as determined by Water Management staff.  This will be discussed on the first site visit for the event. Such taps must be available for water quality sampling several days in advance of the event.

A minimum of three weeks’ notice is required to secure the H2O 2 Go service. Applications received with less than three weeks’ notice will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Water provided through the Durham H2O 2 Go is for drinking purposes only. Vendors are responsible for providing their own water or must use a water supply source onsite for other event needs. Using H2O 2 Go for handwashing is prohibited.

In advance of the event, an event organizer with the ability to bind the organization may be required to sign an agreement with the City containing particulars of the Durham H2O 2 Go service.

Insurance coverage is necessary in order to protect yourself and the City against any possible litigation as a result of your event. All groups external to the City of Durham using Durham H2O 2 Go must have Liability Insurance coverage. The type of insurance coverage required is comprehensive general liability, inclusive of bodily injury and property damage, in the amount of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence, and should be purchased through your local insurance provider or your organization’s insurance provider. The City requires a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE naming the City of Durham as additional insured.

The provision of the Durham H2O 2 Go for the requested event is null and void if proof of insurance is not provided at least one (1) week in advance of the event date.

Please note: The Durham H2O 2 Go provides emergency potable water supply to Durham residents. In the unlikely event of an emergency, these situations take precedence over booked events. Water Management staff reserve the right to cancel attendance at an event or remove the H2O 2 Go in order to fulfill these duties.

The City of Durham will take into consideration the ratio of event duration and expected attendance when determining an event’s suitability for supplying the H2O 2 Go service. 

The City of Durham has no control over the mechanical malfunction of the Durham H2O 2 Go during an event. In the event of a mechanical malfunction, the City of Durham reserves the right to remove or discontinue use of H2O 2 Go from an event.

To make a request to have Durham H2O 2 Go at your event, please complete our request/application form.

 For more information about the Durham H2O 2 Go, call 919-560-4381 ext. 35248 or email [email protected].