Report a Non-Compliant Hose Bibb Irrigation System

In accordance with the NC Plumbing Code, NC General Statue, and the City of Durham Code of Ordinance all lawn irrigation systems shall be adequately protected against backflow. A Reduced Pressure (RP) type backflow is required on all lawn irrigation systems. It is illegal for a water customer to have an automatic lawn irrigation system that includes, but not limited to; a timer, valves, spray heads, drip emitters, etc connected downstream of a hose bibb. In addition, per the NCAC § 143-355.4: Water System Efficiency general statue all irrigation systems require a separate irrigation meter if the property was platted after July 1, 2009.

Below are examples of these type of non-compliant connection. Please report these illegal connections

Thank you for your efforts in protecting the City of Durham water distribution system and ultimately the water in your home.