Classifications of Work

There are three classifications of work that have different levels of review and are classified by the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) in their adopted Rules of Procedure. The chart of classifications (PDF) can be found online and include the following three classifications.

Planning staff is available to answer questions regarding the classifications chart. Email the Planning staff for more information.


The HPC’s rules of procedure narrowly define items considered maintenance for review purposes. These items do not require a COA (certificate of appropriateness) approval and include items such as repainting a previously painted surface or replacement of small amounts of material that results in no change in appearance, design, or material.

Minor COAs (formerly Administrative COAs)

Minor COAs generally include requests for small modifications, landscaping and site work, rear decks, and other items that will not significantly alter the original character of local historic structures or sites. These applications are accepted any weekday, and are reviewed and approved administratively by Planning staff. Staff typically can process a complete application for a minor COA within 10 business days.

Major COAs

Major COAs are required for modifications to building or site elements that may impact the original character of the structure, construction of new structures, and additions to and demolition of historically-significant structures. The HPC reviews and approves Major COAs through a quasi-judicial process at it monthly meetings. For Major COAs, a pre-submittal conference with Planning staff is required, and a monthly agenda deadline is set approximately one month prior to the HPC’s meeting. Adjacent property owners are mailed a written notice and a sign is posted on the property prior to the HPC meeting.

Planning staff is available to answer questions, provide technical resources and suggestions, and guide you through the application process. Email the Planning staff for more information.