Southeast Regional Lift Station and Pipeline Projects

The Department of Water Management is constructing two major sanitary sewer projects in the southeast area of Durham County. On Kemp Road, just south of NC 98, a lift station is being built by Haren Construction, and J.F. Wilkerson Contracting will be installing the major pipelines to serve the station. As new development occurs in this area, smaller sewers and all the water lines will be extended and paid for by the developers. They also pay a per-lot fee to the City to offset the cost of the new station and pipes being installed.

Project Facts

  • Designed by Hazen and Sawyer, to extend sewer service to 11,000 acres.
  • Will take almost 2 years to build, completion in spring 2021.
  • Station and pipelines total almost $35 million.
  • Traffic along Kemp Road may be disrupted from time to time.

The City and its contractors appreciate your patience during any inconveniences, as we continue to improve the delivery and reliability of Durham's water infrastructure.