South Hoover Road Transmission Main

Project Information

The City of Durham Department Water Management is coordinating with CDM Smith to relocate approximately 4,700 linear feet of 20-inch water transmission main in the South Hoover Road area. This project is part of a city-wide effort to upgrade its water and sewer systems. Water Management intends to maximize efficiency and create an acceptable balanced relationship between the project and residents. The pipe will be installed via open-cut, digging a trench for installation of the new pipe. Relocation of the water transmission main will affect traffic near the project area. 

The design phase has been completed and the project is currently bidding. There will be little to no disturbance in the area during this phase. Following this phase, construction will begin. A 30-day notification will be delivered to affected residents in the project area followed by a door hanger 7-days in advance of starting construction in the neighborhood.  

Key Project Scheduling

  • Notice to Proceed: January 2020
  • 30-Day Notifications Mailed: Early February 2020
  • 7-Day Door Hangers: Early March 2020
  • Preliminary Soil Borings: March 2020
  • Begin Design of Waterline: July 2020
  • Survey and Soil Borings: July 2020
  • Permitting and Easement Acquisition: Fall/Winter 2021
  • Estimated Construction Start: Spring/Summer 2023
  • Anticipated Construction End (subject to change): Summer 2024

Project Update

July 2023

Moffat Pipe, Inc. has been awarded the contract. The work is scheduled to occur between October 1, 2023 and August 23, 2024. Residents in the area will be notified prior to construction.

August 2021

The data collection and design phase is complete. The project is currently in the permitting and easement acquisition phase. Little to no field work is anticipated during this phase. Construction of the transmission main is anticipated to begin in 2022.

January 2020

The project is currently in the preliminary data collection phase. As part of this process, crews will be collecting soil borings along potential pipeline corridors. Residents in the area may see field crews near your residence and/or property. All field personnel will wear appropriate field clothing that identifies their company along with proper safety attire.  The soil boring activity is expected to begin in late March 2020 and last 1-2 days.  The soil boring work is being done by CDM Smith’s sub-consultant, F&R Engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What impacts can be expected during the study/design phase of the project?
    • Field survey of the existing utilities in the project area.
    • Non-toxic temporary paint will be used to mark the location of buried utilities in the project area. The temporary paint will wash away in several weeks depending on rain, traffic, etc.
    • Localized borings will be required to obtain information about existing utility locations and geotechnical conditions.
    • Sound levels associated with localized borings are anticipated to be between 70 and 90 decibels.
    • Pedestrian and traffic impacts within the project limits are expected to be limited.
    • Small pavement cuts may be required and will be temporarily patched.
    • Work of this nature will be conducted within daytime hours. If “off hours” work is required advance notice shall be provided.
  2. What is geotechnical boring and Level A SUE?

    Subcontractors for the City of Durham will be performing subsurface investigations throughout the project area to locate existing buried utilities and determine soil properties. This is how we avoid conflicts with existing utilities during the design and construction phases. It also helps the contractor prepare for different soil conditions. Lane closures lasting several hours will be used at each of the subsurface investigation locations throughout the project area. Small amounts of soil will be removed via an auger or vacuum to complete the investigation, followed by repairing the excavation.

  3. What impacts can be expected during the Construction phase of the project?
    • All property owners will be provided notice in advance of construction on or near their property.
    • There will be pedestrian, traffic, and noise impacts during construction.
    • The City’s contractor will be required to maintain access to residences and businesses at all times.
    • Sound levels near active construction areas are anticipated to be between 70 and 90 decibels, with some work in high traffic areas may occur during overnight hours.
    • Appropriate communication and signage will direct property owners, residents, and visitors around the area with regards to any impacts throughout construction.
    • At the completion of the project, disturbed areas along roadways and sidewalks will be repaved, and lawns will be graded and reseeded.
  4. Will my water service be affected by the project?
    Service interruptions are not anticipated for this project.