Annual Testing Program

After an approved backflow prevention (BFP) assembly has been installed and tested, it must be re-tested annually by individuals who have been certified by an approved testing school. The CCC office establishes the annual testing schedule and mails notification to the homeowner or business. The city also maintains a list of approved certified testers who are approved to conduct testing of assemblies on the City of Durham’s water distribution system.

To check the status of your annual testing or find an approved certified tester please go to https://bsionline.comand click on "WATER CUSTOMER (Enter Here)." Enter your CCN number. If you do not know your CCN please email [email protected].  You can find your test or find a testing company using this login.

The owner of the backflow prevention assembly has 15 days to repair or replace the failed assembly if the BFP fails the requirements of the annual test. The 15 day requirement to repair a failed unit is subject to change only upon contact with the City’s Cross Connection Control office to determine replacement/repair due date. Contact the Cross Connection Control office at 919-560-4194 prior to any repair or replacement. In addition, a backflow permit must be submitted with all replacement or new backflow prevention assemblies. Also, a fire permit and/or a plumbing permit may be required (see FAQs).

Permanently Cap Off Your Irrigation System

If you wish to no longer test your lawn irrigation backflow or use your lawn irrigation system AND you do have a separate irrigation meter; please follow the required steps below:

  • Email your lock off request to [email protected].  Please include your name, address, and location of the backflow preventer. 
  • All separate irrigation meters shall be locked, free of charge.
  • Applicable trip charge may apply if/when the request to unlock the meter is received.
  • Once the meter has been locked, CCC staff will respond to your email verifying your request has been completed. 

If you wish to no longer test your lawn irrigation backflow or use your lawn irrigation system AND you do not have a separate irrigation meter, the required steps are listed below:

  • Obtain a backflow permit for removal (Fee shall be waived)
  • Ensure the water is turned off to the irrigation system using the shut-off valve located below ground
  • Remove the backflow
  • Dig down where the supply water line to the irrigation turns horizontal (approx. 12” below grade) and cut and permanently cap the water line.
    • Materials shall meet NC Plumbing Code.
  • Leave the ditch open for an inspection.
  • The person who performed the work shall call in the inspection to (919) 560-1500 using their backflow permit to request an inspection.
  • Once approved the inspector will notify you it is ok to fill in the ditch


If you choose to permanently cap off your irrigation, you may no longer operate the irrigation system. If you wish to re-activate your irrigation system, all applicable laws and codes apply. 

  • Separate Irrigation Meter for Lawn Sprinkler/Irrigation - Effective July 1, 2009, state law requires a separate irrigation meter for all new in-ground irrigation systems connected to the public water supply. The intent of this legislation, House Bill 2499, is to reduce water systems’ vulnerability to drought and allow them a quicker response to water shortages.