SW-77 RFQ for Sidewalk Asset Management Plan & Condition Study 2020

Project Manager

Bayan Alzubi 
Phone: 919-560-4326, ext. 30296

Project Description

 The sidewalk asset management plan consists of a field survey of the sidewalk condition on sidewalks within the Durham City limits. There are over 600 miles of sidewalk that the City is responsible for maintaining, our consultant “precision safe sidewalk” will inventory the existing sidewalk to provide the necessary input for the plan. The data collected will help the City of Durham make decisions on where sidewalks should be repaired or replaced, and how to make the use of sidewalks safer for the residents of Durham.

The Asset Management Plan will be used to prioritize the sidewalks to be repaired, and determine which populations would most benefit from future improvements.

Project Schedule

  • Project End Date: December 3, 2021. 

Project Status

Contract has been awarded to Precision Safe Sidewalk, LLC. 
- Currently the project underway with an anticipated completion date of December 2021.

-Survey for Public Comments has ended. Thanks to everyone who participated. 

-Status of comments and data collected from public and field collection by surveyors of sidewalk conditions: https://arcg.is/1aiHO80