Important Information

Expanding Housing Choices (EHC)

Planning staff regularly reports on available data for permits and projects that are permissible under the EHC amendment TC1800007, Expanding Housing Choices, approved by the Durham County Board of County Commissioners in October 2019 and the Durham City Council in September 2019. The reports to the Joint City-County Planning Committee, along with the history of the review and approval process for this text amendment are available on the Expanding Housing Choices page.

Current Planning Fees (PDF)

Download a document with the current Planning fee schedule and related fees paid in the same payment portal.

Monetary Proffer Payments (PDF)

If you need instructions on how to submit a payment for a monetary proffer that was approved as part of a Development Plan zoning map change, please click the title, Monetary Proffer Payments, above. Examples of these types of proffers include monetary donations payable to the City of Durham Dedicated Housing Fund or the Durham Public Schools.

Development Request Submittals

Review the archives of monthly Planning development requests as PDFs, also known as Current Submittals.

Neighborhood Meeting Information

Applicants for certain development proposals must hold a neighborhood meeting to begin engagement with the neighborhood about the nature of the proposed land use and development features, explain the site plan, if any, solicit comments, and establish an engagement plan with the neighborhood to be undertaken throughout the application submittal and review process. Residents and stakeholders are not required to attend such a meeting. The meeting must be held prior to submitting an application and after a pre-application conference, per UDO paragraphs 3.2.3 and 3.4.4. A neighborhood meeting is required for the following: a zoning map change that requires a traffic impact analysis, a comprehensive plan amendment, a conservation subdivision, or a statutory development agreement.

Planning Department Current Estimated Durham Population

The City-County Planning Department regularly updates an overall population estimate for all of the City and County of Durham. Population is calculated based on the number of new dwelling units constructed since the most recently published Census.

Planning Public Notification Service

Stay up to date on upcoming public hearings, neighborhood meetings, boards and commission agendas, and special Planning-related topics. 

Public Hearings and Notices

Link to the City Clerk's web page with more detailed information about upcoming public hearings and Planning projects with opportunities for public input and how to participate.