Flexible Work: Resources & Support for City Employees

The City of Durham recently rolled out a Flexible Working Arrangements policy, which outlines a new way of working for all of us here at the City.

Getting Started

  1. Submit a Request
  2. Training

Flexible Working Arrangements Policy

Please review the complete Flexible Working Arrangements policy (PDF)* before submitting your flexible work request.

Related Documents & Resources

* Please Note: These documents are only available on CODI, so employee login will be required to view.

Additional Resources & Support

  1. Virtual collaboration
  2. VPN (Remote Network Access)
  3. Tips & Tricks

TS has officially announced Microsoft Teams and Zoom as the standards for virtual collaboration for the City of Durham. This means that these are the only two platforms that should be used for virtual collaboration.

Microsoft Teams

Planning a meeting? Try scheduling a Microsoft Teams meeting. Teams makes it easy to meet virtually with your coworkers across the City, whether they’re down the hall or miles away. And, you don’t have to have a Team set up by TS or be a member of a Team to use Microsoft Teams!

Anyone with Office 365 can access Teams through their internet browser.

  • In your internet browser, login to Office 365 with your City computer login (City email and password).
  • Click the Teams button near the top of the page to go to your Teams dashboard.
  • In the left-hand toolbar, you will see options including Chat, Calendar, and Calls.
  • To start a virtual meeting, click the Calendar icon. (In order to use the audio or video functionality, you will need a device with a microphone and camera).
  • You can start a meeting immediately, or you can schedule one for later.

If you prefer, you can download the desktop or mobile app, although you may need TS to do this on City-issued computers.

Want to learn more about Teams meetings? TS has an online training site with short, self-paced videos


Zoom is another tool that some departments are using for conference calls, but there are some limitations if you use a free account. Please note that if you are sharing and collaborating on documents, the use of Microsoft Teams is strongly advised (over Zoom).

Have additional questions or need assistance? Contact the TS Service Desk at 919-560-4122, Option 1. TS is available to provide remote tech support.