Seen In Quarantine Social Media Challenge 2020

The Seen in Quarantine Challenge asked young people in Durham how they wanted to connect to each other during this time of COVID-19. We asked. They answered!

Our Winning Submissions!

Bull City College Hangout

BullCity College Hangout

A chance for Durham’s graduating seniors to meet, connect and build relationships with future peers who will be attending local colleges -  Meredith College, North Carolina Central University, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte and Durham Tech. The Zoom event happened in July and was a huge success!

Black Wall Street event logo

BullCity Millennial-Z Connect: Rebuilding the Legacy of Black Wall Street

A virtual workshop for young people ages 18-25. Together participants explored what it means to run and support Black-owned businesses in Durham. Breakout sessions included: Registering for an LLC or Non Profit; Finding Small Business Loans; Marketing and Branding Your Business; and Networking. The Zoom event happened in August and participants and panelists were very engaged in the discussion!

Hillside Equitable Engagement Fellows Weekly Challenges

Supporting the Hillside Equitable Engagement Fellows Weekly Summer Challenges

The Hillside Fellows launched a weekly summer challenge on Instagram. They wanted to make space for joy and connecting with each other in fun, virtual ways during this challenging time. Follow the Fellows here to see what else they are up to these days.

How does it work?

*Not currently accepting submissions – deadline has passed*

The challenge is open to all young people in Durham ages 12-24 years.

To submit your idea, film yourself in 2 minutes or less, and tell us what you would do. You can even show us a sample of your idea. No professional equipment is required!

Things to include in your video pitch:

  • How long your event would be
  • How many people it could reach (your event should be open to a wide audience of young people, not only your friends)
  • The resources you would need to make it happen, including things like technology, supplies, and people

Then post your video to Twitter or Instagram, and tag us @youthspeakDURM and #durhamseeninquarantine. You can also use #intervenethequarantine and #bringingsocialback.

Then what happens?

A selection committee will decide on the winners. We’ll be looking at how many people you would reach and the creativity and feasibility of each idea.

The Office on Youth will support winning ideas with needed supplies, technology platforms, guest appearances, promotion and getting the word out, and logistics.


Please email or call/text a’[email protected] or 984-260-6703.

Visit our website or connect with us on Twitter or Instagram for more information about the Office on Youth.