Woodcroft Parkway Extension Project

Project Overview and Background

The City of Durham is extending Woodcroft Parkway west from its current terminus at Hope Valley Road (NC 751) to a new intersection with Garrett Road, in front of C.E Jordan High School. The project will reduce traffic congestion at the intersection of Garrett Road and Hope Valley Road, and provide a safer multi-modal connection between C.E. Jordan High School and surrounding neighborhoods.

U5823_PublicInvolve_Alternative C

Needs addressed by project:

  • Traffic congestion and delays at the existing intersection of NC 751 (Hope Valley Road) & SR 1116 (Garrett Road)
  • Safe and convenient access to Jordan High School and to nearby neighborhoods for those who drive, walk, bike or ride the bus

Key Project Dates

  • Public Meeting 1 (Virtual): May 20 - July 5, 2020
  • Public Meeting 2: TBD (September 2023)
  • Public Meeting 3: TBD (Spring 2024)
  • Begin Right of Way Acquisition: Summer 2024
  • Estimated. Construction Start: Winter 2025
  • Estimated. Construction Completion: TBD

Project Status - Design Phase - Preliminary designs are being developed and environmental surveys are currently being conducted. 

Public Involvement

A series of public meetings will be held during the Design phase of the project. The public is invited to attend the meetings and provide feedback on the project via an online survey. Please see below for current and upcoming opportunities to provide input: It is expected the next public meeting will be held in September 2023.

Virtual Open House and Comment Period 

The City of Durham Department of Transportation hosted a virtual public open house for the U 5823 Woodcroft Parkway Extension Project. The virtual site and online survey were open from May 20, 2020 through July 5, 2020. The handout from the virtual open house is available at one of the links below.

The virtual public open house site had a total of 3,675 views during the period it was open. The online survey was completed by 368 participants. The survey consisted of 11 questions and eight voluntary demographic questions. A summary of the survey results is available at the link below:

Two alternatives for the proposed Woodcroft Parkway were presented at the virtual public meeting. Based on public input, the City of Durham decided to proceed with a combination of the two alternatives. A sketch of the selected alternative is shown above.

Community Meeting #2 (Expected September 2023)

The second community meeting will take place after the development of preliminary design. The public will be invited to provide input on the proposed design. Public comments will be used in the development of the project final design. It is expected this meeting will be held in-person in September 2023.

Community Meeting #3 (Expected Spring 2024)

The third community meeting will take place after the development of the final design. The public will be invited to provide final input on the project’s design concept and to ask questions and receive information regarding the right of way acquisition and construction phases of the project. Public comments will be considered in the completion of the project designs following this meeting. It is expected this meeting will be held in the Spring of 2024.

Stay Updated

You can stay updated on the project by signing up for project updates. You can also follow the City of Durham on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and the Transportation Department on Twitter.


Contact Eric Vitale at [email protected] for general questions about the project.

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