About Fleet Management Department

The Fleet Management Department is responsible for all services related to the City of Durham's 1,800+ vehicles and equipment. The goal of the department is to procure safe, dependable, cost-effective equipment, and furnish quality maintenance services to all City departments. 

Fleet Management Department assists other City departments in providing excellent service to the residents of Durham. It ensures that City vehicles and equipment are in excellent working condition.

The department consists of two divisions
Services include
  • Annual procurement of fleet replacements including the development of exact specifications
  • Disposal of obsolete equipment
  • Fuel management services of three fueling locations
  • Parts inventory management
  • Vehicle maintenance of 1,800+ vehicles and equipment
  • Utilization analysis and reporting
  1. Heavy Team Spotlight

    Our vehicles & equipment don’t fix themselves! Our Heavy team keeps our street sweepers & motor graders in shape! Street sweepers clean streets & keep contaminants from our drinking water. Motor graders help remove snow from streets & smooth dirt roads. Read on...
  2. National Biodiesel Day

    March 18th is the National Biodiesel Day. City of Durham has 1300+ City vehicles. Our Transportation, Public Works & Solid Waste vehicles collectively traveled more than 3 million miles in one year! Read on...
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    Our vehicles include snow plows, buses, police cars, fire trucks & more. Our Fleet Management Department handles each vehicle's preventative maintenance schedule. Read on...
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