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Director's Office - 
Tim Flora, CFO  Finance Director
(919)  560-4455 [email protected] Finance Department Administration; Management of 
Financial Operations & Reporting

Accounting Services (919) 560-4125 [email protected] Financial Reports; Capital Improvement Projects
City Finance questions
Accounts Payable  (919) 560-4125 [email protected] Vendor payments and invoices
BOA ePayables
EMPLOYEES ONLY - Travel & Petty Cash
Assessments (919) 560-4700 [email protected] General information; Confirmed Assessments; 
Beer & Wine Licenses (919) 560-4700 [email protected] General information; Apply for a license
BIDS - Contracts - Purchasing
(919) 560-4132 [email protected] BIDS InformationBIDS Posting, & Awards; Contracts; 
Procurement (Purchasing) Types & Methods; 
Underutilized Business Compliance -
 Equity for Small Businesses
(919) 560-4180  [email protected] Equal Business Opportunity Program (EBOP); Small Local Business Enterprise Program (SBLE)
False Alarm 
Reduction Program
(888) 535-5797 [email protected] Information about the False Alarm Reduction 
Financial Reports (919) 560-4455 [email protected] Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
Payroll (919) 560-4125 [email protected] FOR EMPLOYEES ONLY!  Questions about my check
Revenue Collections (919) 560-4700 [email protected] General Billing account questions; Make a Payment
Risk & Safety (919) 354-2740 [email protected] Report property damage or File a Claim;
Claims Management; Risk Management
Safety Programs
Treasury Services (919) 560-4511 [email protected] City Debt; Investments; Cash Management
Vendor Information (919) 560-4132 [email protected] REGISTER as a Vendor; Vendor Information