Zoning Map Changes and Annexations

The new Comprehensive Plan Community Goals and Objectives 

The Community Goals and Objectives (G&O) component of the new Comprehensive Plan have been adopted by the Durham City Council and Durham County Board of Commissioners. These Goals and Objectives will serve to guide, among other work program items, the development of the policy component the new Comprehensive Plan, the development of the Southeast Durham and Bragtown Focus Areas, and review and consideration of  land use applications. The adopted goals and objectives will impact most zoning map change (a.k.a. rezoning) applications moving forward that have not previously been to a public hearing as of August 1, 2021.  

Applicability to Applications 

As a component of the new Comprehensive Plan, the Community Goals and Objectives will replace most of the current Comprehensive Plan policies, adopted in 2006. A few polices related to transportation and infrastructure are being retained. As such, these will be the primary policy considerations for zoning map change applications annexation petitions, Comprehensive Plan amendments, tier boundary change  requests, statutory development agreements, text amendments, or other application types as defined by the Unified Development Ordinance or determined by staff.  

 A new Comprehensive Plan Goals and Objectives Applicant Guide will replace the current Public Interest Statement (PIS) worksheet that has been required since July of 2020. This guide will be used by applicants to document how their project meets the applicable new Community Goals and Objectives.

This applicant guide is now available on the Development Services Center (DSC) website along with the other related application forms for land use cases. Applicants will need to complete the guide, submit with all new case submittals (and re-submittals that have not previously utilized this applicant guide), and update development plans and applications accordingly based on these Goals and Objectives.

Current Rezoning and Annexation Applications

To learn more about, and comment on, current rezoning and annexation applications, please go to the new Land Use Engagement Initiative homepage. Here you can access a new map that allows you to see the location of a request, application information, and the ability to provide or review comments made by others regarding the request. Additionally, basic information about what zoning and annexation processes are, how to apply, and other process information.

2020 Submittals

Below are the submittals from 2020. Current rezoning and annexation applications, can be found on the Land Use Engagement Initiative homepage. Any records prior to 2020 will need to be processed through a public records request by emailing the Planning Department at [email protected].

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