Ride Along with a Durham Fire Crew

Ride Alongs can last up to 12 hours long and must be scheduled after completion of the items listed below:

  1. Submit a Ride Along Request Form as shown below.
  2. Complete waiver.
  3. Attendance of a 20 minute safety briefing
  4. Review of policy found in Ride Along Documents

Please note that the Durham Fire Department may not allow ride alongs if Durham's COVID positive rate is more than 5%.   

Ride-Along Request

  1. Information about Durham Fire Department's Ride-Along Program
    Submitting the information requested here indicates your desire to ride along with a Durham Fire Department Emergency Crew. Submission of this form does not imply confirmation or approval of the requested ride-along.
  2. Required Question*

    Checking this box indicates that you are aware you must print the Ride-Along and Safety Briefing documents (pages 1 and 2 found in the Ride-Along Documents link). Additionally, you must provide a paper copy of your driver's license.

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