Special Projects

The Office of Performance and Innovation is uniquely positioned within the organization to lead time-sensitive and important special projects as they arise. A few of our special projects are below:


Evaluation of First Responder Services Based on 911 Calls

Do community resources align with community needs based on the types of calls for service coming to 911 centers? This question will be answered through a new study and seven-city partnership to analyze 911 call data and develop recommendations for improving responses by law enforcement and other first responder agencies.

To help understand and improve the responses to calls for service (CFS), the City of Durham invited RTI International, a non-profit research institute, to partner with cities in North and South Carolina to analyze their 911 CFS data and help develop recommendations for improving the response of law enforcement to these calls as well as other first responder agencies. Participating cities in this new study include Durham, Raleigh, Cary, Burlington, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Rock Hill.

Please visit the project's website for associated materials

Teleworking - COVID-19Survey assessed City of Durham employees’ perceptions of and experiences with teleworking.
Teleworking Survey findings.

Recovery & Renewal Task ForceStaff from OPI are serving in a lead capacity to support the joint City and County Recovery & Renewal Task Force which is charged with working with community stakeholders to plan for how Durham will recover, renew, and reemerge, and to accomplish the dual purpose of keeping our community safe while helping our economy reopen in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Visit the Recovery & Renewal Task Force webpage here.

Resident Survey - Direct EngagementStaff directly engaged residents to learn more behind why certain levels of satisfaction from the annual Resident Survey differed based on race and geographical location
Resident Survey - Direct Engagement findings.