Non-Emergency Number

Durham 911 Center Non-Emergency Number - (919) 560-4600

Durham's non-emergency number frees up 911 lines for life threatening emergencies. Below are just a few examples of the types of calls that should be reported to Durham’s non-emergency phone number.

  • Barking dogs
  • Loud music
  • Burglaries that occurred hours or days earlier (not in progress)
  • Vandalism to public or private property
The number is established by the Durham Emergency Communication Center (DECC) to free up 911 lines for life threatening or in-progress emergencies. The non-emergency number is an ideal way for residents to report events that do not need an immediate response by a public safety agency.

All incidents reported through the non-emergency line are tracked the same as if the call was received on the 911 lines. All calls received on the non-emergency line are still received directly into the DECC. 911 lines take precedent and by citizens using the non-emergency line for these types of incidents and events, the 911 lines remain open for people who do have life-threatening emergencies. If anyone is ever in doubt as to which number to call, they should use 911.

For more information about the DECC or the non-emergency phone number, email Director Randy Beeman or call 919-560-4191.