IdeaStarter 2021

Since 2017, in the spirit of spurring innovation throughout the City, the Office of Performance and Innovation (OPI) has been running an idea collection and innovation training for City staff called IdeaStarter. IdeaStarter encourages City employees to bring their ideas to receive funding for prototype testing and potential implementation, and brings participants together as they build out their ideas through a hands-on curriculum. The cohort receives tools to approach their challenges from a human-centered perspective, build a structure around their innovations, and formulate a pitch to leadership and other potential project allies. OPI recognizes the benefits of building capacity within the organization through expanded training opportunities for City employees, and couldn’t be prouder of its growing alum of innovative, collaborative IdeaStarters. 

Check out the 2021 Ideastarter project developments! 

Submissions are closed for the 2021 cohort. If you missed the submission deadline but have an idea, we’d love to hear from you. Submit your idea and we will add it to considerations for next year's cohort. As always, reach out with any questions. 

Ideastarter 2021 cohort

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