Bus Access Project

Bus Access Project

What will the project do: recommend improvements to sidewalks and crosswalks that will provide better access to bus stops.

Where: streets and sidewalks within a 1/4 mile of GoDurham bus routes.


Project Goal: develop designs for up to 20 quick-build projects. The quick-build projects will include improvements to sidewalks and crosswalks to provide better access to bus stops. Throughout 2021, the project team will:

Planning Phase
  • Review existing bus stop access conditions (paths to bus stops, sidewalks, crosswalks, and traffic signals)
  • Identify sidewalk gaps and hazards that make it difficult to access bus stops
  • Develop an equitable approach for evaluating and prioritizing bus access 
  • Evaluate and prioritize bus access improvements based on input from the community
  • Recommend locations for bus access improvements, outlined in a “Draft Bus Access” report
  • Finalize locations for bus access improvements based on input from the community, summarized in a “Final Bus Access” report
Design Phase
  • Develop designs for up to 20-quick-build projects, developed to a full design level, and ready for construction

Project Schedule

Schedule: Planning from January to September 2021, Design from October to December 2021


Bus access: the sidewalks, crosswalks, and other street elements that help you access your bus stop easily, safely, and comfortably.

What is a Quick-Build Project?

A sidewalk gap, crosswalk, or traffic signal project that improves the pedestrian path to a bus stop and can be implemented quickly. 


This project builds upon current and past efforts to improve access to bus stops along GoDurham routes. For example, the Durham Transit Plan and the GoDurham Better Bus Stops Program provide a head start for many such improvements and engagement activities. Other recent studies, like Move Durham and Durham’s Bike+Walk Implementation Plan also support this project, through related analysis and recommendations.

Previous and Ongoing Studies

Current Documents

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