About the Office on Youth

The Office on Youth is a division in the City Manager’s Office. We are a small, but mighty team of young people and adults. We owe much of our success to the numerous partners who support us and collaborate with us to help us achieve our goals. These partners include young people, their families, and other people who work with and support youth in Durham.

Our Values

At the Office on Youth, we believe…

  • All young people in Durham have the right to have the resources and support they need to thrive, but currently not all do. 
  • Dismantling racism, sexism, adultism, and other “-isms” is required if we want all young people to succeed and thrive. 
  • The youth voice is powerful and should be amplified.
  • Young people are people, not tokens or trophies to be used or put on display.
  • Young people are the leaders of today and tomorrow, and are impacted by the now and future. They should have a role in decision making for policies, programs and services.
  • Young people know best what young people need and want.
  • The experiences of young people and families, especially those most excluded, should guide our decisions and plans.
  • We are accountable to young people, their families, and people working to support children and youth for our actions.
  • When we work as a collective, we are more effective at achieving our shared goals.

Meet the Team

  1. Jeymi portrait
    Jeymi Dubon Reyes (she/her)
    Project Coordinator
    Jeymi coordinates youth engagement efforts and engagement with Spanish-speaking communities. She also manages the Durham Youth Leadership Fund. Jeymi is a graduate of Durham Public Schools and is passionate about language justice, access to education, and plants.

  1. Portrait of A'liceA’lice Frazier (she/her)

    Youth Engagement Manager

    A'lice manages the office's youth engagement efforts, including the Changed By Youth Ambassador Program, and is lead consultant to other departments and community organizations about building youth leadership. A’lice is a storyteller, an avid hiker, and a joy enthusiast.

  1. Portrait of LaraLara Khalil (she/her)
    Director, Office on Youth
    Lara works to ensure the office has the needed partnerships, resources, and work environment to fulfill its mission. Lara delights in growing plant things, tending to her mini worm farm, and being mother to a very kinetic young child!

  1. Portrait of NoriNori McDuffie (he/him)
    Youth Project Assistant

    Nori does community engagement for the office, and runs the social media accounts and YODurham text line. Nori is a photographer, an alumnus of the Nasher Teens Council, and project manager for a youth-led zine, Sawubona. 

  1. Portrait of Jaylen
    Jaylen Segers (he/him)
    Youth Project Assistant
    Jaylen does community engagement for the office, is the staff liaison to youth consultants, and creates content for the office’s newsletter. Jaylen enjoys playing basketball and listening to various genres of music, and is a senior at North Carolina Central University!