Community Safety & Wellness Task Force

In 2021, the Durham Community Safety & Wellness Task Force was formed by the governing bodies of the City of Durham, Durham County, and Durham Public Schools Board of Education with a mission to recommend programs to enhance public safety and wellness that rely on community-based prevention, intervention, and re-entry services as alternatives to policing and the criminal legal system.

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  1. Task Force Members

Task Force Members

Term Length: It is anticipated that the Task Force shall complete its mission within twenty-four months of the initial appointment of its members. However, this work is critically important and should be completed with due care and all needed time and attention. If at the end of twenty-four months, the Task Force has not fully completed its work, the Task Force may by two-thirds vote of the membership add six months to its period of work.

  • Xavier Cason, Co-chair
  • Marcia Owen, Co-chair
  • Jesse Huddleston, City of Durham Appointee
  • Isaac Villegas, City of Durham Appointee
  • Shanise Hamilton, City of Durham Appointee
  • Dr. Jennifer Carroll, City of Durham Appointee
  • Tyler Whittenberg, Durham County Appointee
  • Dr. Mike Sistrom, Durham County Appointee
  • Jatoia Potts, Durham County Appointee
  • Manju Rajendran, Durham County Appointee 
  • Andrea Hudson, Durham County Appointee
  • Samuel Scarborough, Durham Public Schools Appointee 
  • Nori McDuffie-Williams, Durham Public Schools Appointee 
  • Dr. Wanda Boone, Durham Public Schools Appointee 
  • Alec Greenwald, Durham Public Schools Appointee
  • Alejandra Gomez, Durham Public Schools Appointee 

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