Virtual Tours

Brown Water Treatment Plant

Learn how we turn water from our two supply lakes into high quality drinking water at the Wade G. Brown Water Treatment Plant.

North Durham Water Reclamation Facility

Ever wonder what happens to the water you flush down the toilet? Take a tour of the Water Management's North Durham Water Reclamation Facility and see how that waste water transforms into water clean enough to re-introduce to nature.

In-Person Tours

To request a tour of our facilities, please complete our request form. Please note:

  • The availability of facilities for public tours is not guaranteed.
  • Requests should be made a minimum of three weeks in advance to ensure availability.
  • All participants must be 8 years of age or older. 
  • Groups larger than 25 will need to be broken into smaller groups and may need to tour on different dates.
  • Due to staffing concerns, tours of our North Durham Water Reclamation Facility have been suspended.