Affordable Housing Implementation Committee (AHIC)

The Affordable Housing Implementation Committee is a committee created by City Council to advise the Community Development Department on the implementation of the Affordable Housing Investment Plan.

  1. Committee Members
  2. Meeting Dates
  3. Agenda
  4. Meeting Minutes
  5. Presentations and Resources
  6. Affordable Housing - Forever Home
  7. Acronyms
  8. ByLaws

Committee Members

  • Diane N. Catotti, Co-Chair, Mayor Appointee
  • Tiffany Elder, Co-Chair, Mayor Appointee
  • Reginald J. Johnson, City of Durham Staff Liaison
  • Prince R. Rivers, At-Large Appointee
  • Laura Betye, Resident - Durham Housing Authority Properties Appointee
  • Kyle Bostelman - Real Estate Development
  • Lucia Constantine, Housing Finance Appointee
  • S. Nicole Diggs, At-Large Appointee
  • VACANT - Durham Housing Authority Properties Appointee
  • Courtney James, At-Large Appointee
  • I. Jarvis Martin, At-Large Appointee
  • Rita R. McDaniel, Former Homeless Person Appointee
  • Jon Parker, At-Large Appointee
  • Venice Sanders, Affordable Housing Appointee
  • Timothy Stallmann, At-Large Appointee
  • Angela D. Vick-Lewis, Resident - Durham Housing Authority Properties Appointee