About the Cultural Plan

parking garage with art mural
Photo by Estlin Haiss 

Cultural Plan 

The Durham Cultural Advisory Board shared a presentation with City Council during a Work Session on October 21, 2021 regarding the Board’s request that the City and County jointly support the development of a new Durham Cultural Plan.  To view the presentation, visit: https://durham.granicus.com/player/clip/2760?meta_id=405122.

To learn more about the Durham Cultural Advisory Board, visit: https://durhamnc.gov/452/Durham-Cultural-Advisory-Board. 

Background on Prior Cultural Plan

The Durham Cultural Master Plan (PDF), approved by the City Council and Board of County Commissioners in 2004, outlined initiatives from 2004 to 2019 that reflected community priorities and provided a road-map to fulfill them. The full plan document outlined in-depth the multiple initiatives and strategies to achieve each goal. 

Goal 1: Organizations & Artists

Strengthen the organizational structure and build the capacity of Durham's existing cultural assets, including organizations, events, festivals, and artists.

Goal 2: Diversity

Use arts and culture as a way to increase understanding and communication among people of diverse backgrounds.

Goal 3: Economic Development

Use Durham's many arts and cultural assets as a key component of strategies to foster economic development throughout Durham County.

Goal 4: Education

Improve access to formal and informal arts and cultural education for people of all ages and in all walks of life.

Goal 5: Audiences

Build cultural audiences by increasing participation of existing audience members and bringing new attendees to activities.

Goal 6: Facilities

Strengthen and diversify Durham's mix of cultural facilities throughout the County.

Goal 7: Community-Wide Organizational Infrastructure

Sustain and strengthen existing community-wide organizations that support the arts and cultural sector.

Goal 8: Resources

Build a stronger resource base for arts and culture in Durham to ensure effective program delivery.