The City and County have launched the Durham Cultural Roadmap planning process to meet the present day needs and aspirations of its arts and cultural community.  

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Charging Durham, 2017 by Frank Kreacic. Located at 101 City Hall Plaza in downtown Durham. 


On October 21, 2021 during a City Council Work Session, the Durham Cultural Advisory Board shared a presentation on the board’s engagement efforts and conversations with arts and cultural community workers throughout 2021. Based on their findings, the board requested that the Durham City Council and Durham County Board of Commissioners jointly support the development of a new cultural plan.  To watch the board’s presentation, visit: https://durham.granicus.com/player/clip/2760?meta_id=405122.  

The Durham City Council and the Durham County Board of Commissioners entered a joint agreement to govern the development of the new Cultural Roadmap on October 3, 2022. The Cultural Roadmap planning process will be led by Durham Cultural Advisory Board, with input from the Cultural Roadmap Planning Group. This 35-member volunteer group will be appointed by the Durham Cultural Advisory Board and reflect the diversity of the Durham community. 

The Cultural Roadmap’s purpose is to survey the Durham community and develop a plan to further enhance Durham’s cultural and arts landscape, maximize resources, and provide a coordinated vision and collaboration among a variety of community, cultural, civic, and business partners. In late 2023, the Cultural Roadmap will be presented to both the Durham City Council and the Durham County Board of Commissioners. 


Durham Cultural Advisory Board has developed a vision, mission, and values to guide the Cultural Roadmap planning process. To learn more about the Vision, Mission and Values, visit: 

Cultural Roadmap Vision & Values 

HOJA DE RUTA CULTURAL - Visión, misión y valores  


We envision a thriving arts and culture sector in Durham. We celebrate the cultural practices, histories, institutions, and individuals that define Durham’s art and culture sector. We work towards the preservation of Durham’s cultural heritage, the protection of cultural assets and the equitable distribution of resources to artists, cultural workers, and organizations in the arts and culture sector for the benefit of all Durham residents. We welcome new stories and strive to embrace and extend Durham’s cultural community to all residents and visitors of Durham. 


Our mission is to create a five-year plan through inclusive, accessible, and equitable county-wide engagement processes that will maintain, grow, and sustain the arts and culture sector in Durham for the next decade and beyond. 


The Cultural Roadmap Planning Group will help steer the Cultural Roadmap from the beginning of the planning process to the final recommended plan. The Planning Group of 35 people will represent a wide cross section of the community, representing the public and private sector, philanthropy, neighborhoods, education, cultural groups, artists, cultural workers, and other creatives, in addition to young people. Planning Group members will be selected by the Durham Cultural Advisory Board.  

The Planning Group will meet regularly over the next year and will report to the DCAB on their work.  Responsibilities include: 

  • Inform development of the plan consultant scope of work and selection process; 
  • Shape and participate in the community engagement process; 
  • Advise on plan development, identify priorities, evaluation strategy, and plan outcomes; 
  • Monitor the plan as it develops, including risks and timelines; 
  • Recommend refinements to the planning process where needed; and 
  • Present the plan residents and elected officials. 

To learn more about the Durham Cultural Roadmap Planning Group, visit:  

Durham Cultural Roadmap Planning Group


Cultural Roadmap Planning Group Volunteer Form  

Volunteer today to help lead the year-long planning process! Community members are invited to complete a volunteer form to be considered for the Cultural Roadmap Planning Group. 

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The Durham City Council and Durham County Commissioners have each appropriated $150,000 to fund this important planning process that will result in clear recommendations to maintain, support and grow the cultural community, both organizations and individual members, for the benefit of residents and visitors.   

In addition, Durham Cultural Advisory Board has solicited and received significant private donations from Durham’s philanthropic community in support of this effort.  These funds will be used to support robust, interactive and creative community engagement and communications. 

City and County cultural and public art program staff will provide administrative support for the planning process. 


Cultural Roadmap timeline ending late 2023

The anticipated timeline will involve a year of research, data collection, engagement, analysis, feedback and plan development. By late 2023, the Cultural Roadmap will be presented to residents, as well the Durham City Council and the Durham County Board of Commissioners. 

Background on 2004 Cultural Plan

The Durham Cultural Master Plan (PDF), was approved by the City Council and Board of County Commissioners to advance numerous goals and strategies for success to be accomplished over a fifteen year period spanning 2004 to 2019. 

Language Access  

Notice under the Language Access Plan Persons requiring language assistance to effectively participate in this event may contact the General Services Department at 919-560-4197, or [email protected] to request interpretation and/or translation services as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours before the event or deadline date. 

Aviso bajo el Plan de Acceso al Idioma Personas que requieran asistencia lingüística para participar efectivamente en este evento pueden comuncarse con el Departamento de Servicios Generales al 919-560-4197 or [email protected] para solicitar los servicios de interpretación y / o traducción tan pronto como sea posible pero no menos de 48 horas antes del evento o fecha límite. 

HOJA DE RUTA CULTURAL - Visión, misión y valores  


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For information about the board and the application process, please contact the Cultural & Public Art Program staff here:  

Annette L. Smith 
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