How to Prepare for the Next Hiring Process

It's really important to complete a FIREFIGHTER INTEREST CARD annually so that we can notify you when our process opens. Because we apply for grants, we could hire at different times of the year.

We are seeking applicants in each of the three categories below:  

Note: You do not have to live in our area during the time of application; however, when the academy begins, personnel have a very rigorous schedule beginning at 6 am for 5 days each week.  

Fitness is Required

Before receiving a job offer, our prospective firefighters have an in-depth physical. Newly hired firefighters participate in PT every morning while in the academy. 

Get your blood pressure and cholesterol in check and if you smoke - QUIT!

Smoke Free Facility


6am-clock 350X139

Get your documents together NOW!  We will require copies of the documents listed below. Some of these are time consuming to get and obtaining them can be stressful (ask everyone who applied during COVID). All of these are documents that adults should have readily available, so get them together NOW.  

  • Birth Certificate 
  • Social Security Card
  • Shot Records
  • Transcript from your highest level of completed education
  • DD-214 (if applicable)
  • Valid Driver's License as of July 1 of current year (must be unexpired)
Gather Your Documents Now

DON'T assume that we aren't going to check your references; WE ARE!  We want professional references who can convey who you are.  

  • List accurate phone numbers.
  • Ask permission from references before you list them.  
  • Not listing references on your application is NOT a good idea.

While teachers can be great references, keep in mind that they have hundreds of students, so make sure they know you well enough to give accurate information.