IT Virtual Help Center

IT VITURAL HLEP CENTER-logo-4This past fiscal year, Technology Solutions established a Virtual Help Center to assist all of our City staff in gaining the greatest possible value from technology. Hosted once every two months, the Virtual Help Center features presentations on a wide range of technologies and topics. Technology Solutions staff has presented on everything from best practices associated with Microsoft Teams to disaggregating data by race and ethnicity to how to use mapping tools created by our GIS division.


The Virtual Help Center has been very well received by City staff. The vast majority of participants have rated their overall experience as excellent and we continue to have an average of 40 attendees per Virtual Help Center. Technology Solutions also records the sessions and posts them online for any City staff that was not able to make the live session (or would like to re-watch part of it). The Virtual Help Center represents another innovative avenue through which Technology Solutions can serve its customers.