Resident Resources

Down Payment Assistance Program

The City of Durham Down Payment Assistance (DPA) Program provides assistance to low-income persons and families for the purchase of a home, to be used as the primary residence, within the City of Durham.  The DPA Program works with local lenders and the City's contracted DPA Administrator, Community Home Trust.

Eviction Diversion

The Eviction Diversion Program is administered by Legal Aid of North Carolina, and provides legal representation to low-income residents of Durham who are facing eviction.  The goal of the Eviction Diversion Program is to help clients avoid eviction judgements and, when possible, to enable clients to remain in their current homes.

Home Repair & Rehabilitation

Minor Repair Program

Funded by the City of Durham and facilitated by Habitat for Humanity of Durham, the Minor Repair Program is intended to help Durham low-income homeowners.  The purpose of the Minor Repair Program is to correct substandard housing conditions which pose an imminent threat to life, safety, or accessibility.  The goals of this Program are to protect Durham's current affordable housing stock and allow Durham residents to remain in their homes safely.  

Substantial Rehabilitation Program

Funded by the City of Durham and facilitated by Habitat for Humanity of Durham, the Substantial Rehabilitation Program provides housing rehabilitation services to low and moderate income homeowners.  Homeowners may receive up to $35,000 to repair major systems including: plumbing, electrical, heating & air conditioning, etc.  Funding is not intended for cosmetic repairs.

Lead & Healthy homes Program

The Lead and Healthy Homes program determines the presence of lead-based paint and/or lead hazards from paint, dust, or soil.  The program prioritizes identified risks in eligible residential properties for repair.  Due to the history of lead used in construction and the associated health risks to children under the age of six, the priority for these activities will be to low income households in homes built in 1978 or earlier - where children under the age of six reside or spend significant time.

longtime Homeowner Grant Program

The Longtime Homeowner Grant is designed to assist longtime homeowners that may have experienced an increase in their property taxes due to the City of Durham's revitalization efforts in Southside, Walltown, Northeast Central Durham (NECD), and Southwest Central Durham (SWCD) target areas.