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(Event passed) Thank you to everyone who came to HEART's first ever Open House on Monday, April 17th!



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  1. April 2022 Town Hall
  2. Jan 2022 Council presentation
  3. Oct 2021 Town Hall


Community Safety and Wellness Task Force’ Crisis Response Roundtable hosted their second virtual town hall

A 2-hour event was held for Durham residents to hear departmental updates and gain feedback and ideas about the Community Safety crisis response pilots that are set to launch this summer. This virtual gathering was the second of its kind, co-hosted by the City of Durham's Community Safety Department and the Crisis Response Roundtable of the Community Safety and Wellness Task Force.

Watch the recorded event: 

Four breakout rooms were created for deeper conversations around different topic areas, with the help of Menti to collect responses to the following questions: 

  1. Training & Evaluation / Entrenamientos & Evaluación 
    • What skills, training, and experience should teams have? ¿Qué habilidades, entrenamientos y experiencias deben tener los equipos? 
    • How do you want to know how the work is going? ¿Cómo quieren saber cómo avanza el trabajo? 
    • What will give you confidence that these pilots are working? ¿Qué les dará seguridad de que estos pilotos están funcionando? 
  2. Personnel & Approach / Personal y Acercamiento 
    • Who else would you like to see on these teams? ¿Quién debe presentarse?
    • What kinds of things do responders say and do to help de-escalate the situation and make people in crisis, and their loved ones, feel safe? ¿Qué tipo de cosas dice y hace el personal de respuesta para ayudar a desintensificar la situación y hacer sentir seguras a las personas en crisis y a sus seres queridos? 
  3. Supplies & Appearance / Suministros & Apariencia 
    • What materials would you like to see here? ¿Qué más les gustaría ver incluido aquí? 
    • What else should be considered when ordering supplies for response teams? ¿Qué más se debe considerar a la hora de ordenar suministros para los equipos de respuesta? 
    • What style of team appearance do you think is most appropriate? ¿Qué estilo para la apariencia del equipo piensan que es más adecuado?
  4. Call types, Transport & Follow-up / Tipos de llamadas al 911, Transportar & Seguimiento 
    • What [call types] should be on this list? ¿Qué más cree que debe estar en esta lista?
    • What questions do you have about any of the listed call types being considered? ¿Qué preguntas tiene acerca de las llamadas mencionadas aquí? 
    • Where would you like teams to be able to transport people? ¿A dónde quisieran que los equipos pudieran transportar a las personas?
    • After a moment of crisis: What happens next? What kind of follow-up would you like to see? Después de un momento de crisis: ¿Qué sucede luego? ¿Qué tipo de seguimiento quisieran ver?

View participation results from the Menti activity, which correspond with the presentation slides

April Town Hall invite CSD - EnglishApril Town Hall invite CSD - Spanish

View the December 2021 departmental update document: