Pollution Prevention for Businesses

Clean Water is Everyone's Business

Only rain is allowed down the storm drains in Durham, and it's every business' responsibility to make sure that they aren't responsible for any illicit discharges into the storm drainage system. 

The consequences of an illicit discharge can be a surprise inspection, a Notice of Requirement, or a Notice of Violation which carries a fee penalty.

If you would like more information or training, please contact the Pollution Prevention Coordinator

Restaurants can prevent city sanitary sewer clogs by disposing of grease properly. Grease clogs pipes, causes overflows, and leads to water pollution.

Prevent water pollution and don't dump grease down the drain.

Builders can prevent erosion and sediment pollution by properly using stormwater control measures. There should be no sediment discharges from a properly controlled construction site.

Don't track mud into your neighbor's home. Use SCMs

Landscapers can prevent pollution by fertilizing sparingly and blowing yard clippings off of hard surfaces.

Nutrient pollution happens when we over-apply fertilizer during lawn maintenance.