Stormwater Quality Special Projects

The Stormwater Quality unit performs special projects to better understand and address stormwater quality issues in Durham. These water quality issues include nutrient pollution, sediment and erosion control, and fecal bacteria pollution. You can find summaries of our current projects in the tabs below and detailed pages for all of our projects in the left sidebar. 

Current Projects

  1. Algal Floway Project
  2. Septic to Sewer Project
  3. Stream Walk Project
  4. Trash Assessment Study

Status: Site Selection Planning


This project involves constructing an algal floway to reduce nutrient pollution in the Falls Lake watershed. This is a pollution control measure that pumps nutrient-polluted water over a bed of algae. The algae extract the excess nutrients, and the cleaner water then flows back to its source. This project is one of the ways that Durham is satisfying the Falls Lake Existing Development Rules

Project Manager

Jonathan Baker

Phone: 919-560-4326 ext. 30211