Contact City Clerk's Office

  1. Diana Schreiber, CMC, NCCMC

    City Clerk
    Phone: 919-560-4166 ext. 12266


    • Official City Record archiving
    • Strategic Planning 
    • Supervision

  1. Paola Roland

    Deputy City Clerk
    Phone: 919-560-4166 ext. 12264


    • Oversight of Assistant City Clerks 
    • Acts as City Clerk in his/her absence
    • Notary for Official City Business
    • Drafting minutes of the Durham City Council 

  1. Ashlee Adams

    Assistant City Clerk
    Phone: 919-560-4166 ext. 12263


    • Annexation Certifications and Cemetery Deeds
    • Wet Signing Contracts, Contract Tracking, and Attestation of City documents
    • Secretary to the Workers' Rights Commission
    • Research Requests

  1. Mary Bryant

    Assistant City Clerk
    Phone: 919-560-4166 ext. 12265


  1. Le-Keisha Griffin

    Administrative Coordinator
    Phone: 919-560-4333 ext. 12270


    • Administrative Assistant for Mayor Pro Tempore Mark-Anthony Middleton and Council Members DeDreana Freeman and Jillian Johnson
    • Notary Public
    • Coordinator/Liaison between Durham residents and City Council

  1. Javon Pratt

    Assistant City Clerk
    Phone: 919-560-4166 ext. 12262


    • Manage Vacancies for all Boards, Committees, Commissions, and Taskforces
    • Screen Applications and Submit to City Council for Review
    • Point of Contact for all Board Staff Liaisons

  1. Rachel Ruterbories

    Administrative Coordinator
    Phone: 919-560-4333 ext.12271


    • Administrative Assistant for Council Members Javiera Caballero, Monique Holsey-Hyman, and Leonardo Williams
    • Process Ceremonial items
    • Research for Special Projects

  1. Katrina Wood

    Administrative Technician
    Phone: 919-560-4166 ext. 12268


    • Retention and Disposition Requests
    • Retention and Disposition Research
    • Processing Stipends for Board Members