Algal Floway

Project Summary

The Stormwater Quality Unit is working on a project to remove nutrient pollution from Falls Lake which involves constructing an algal floway. This is a pollution control measure that will pump nutrient-polluted water over a bed of algae. The algae extract excess nutrients (Nitrogen and Phosphorous) and the cleaner water flows back to its source. This project is one of the ways that Durham is satisfying the Falls Lake Existing Development Rules. Check back into this page and follow us on Twitter for updates to the project. Below, you can find documents pertaining to this project.

Project Manager

Jonathan Baker

Phone: 919-560-4326 ext. 30211

STATUS: Site Selection Planning


  •  Feasibility Study, 2012-2013
  •  Pilot Study, 2015-2017 
  • Site Selection & Preliminary Design, 2018-2021