Community Safety Pilot Programs

The most critical Goal of this Strategic Plan Initiative is to provide compassionate care to people experiencing behavioral health, substance use, and Intellectual Developmental Disability crises.

Positioned in the Strategic Plan Goal 2: Creating Safer Communities Together - The Community Safety Department's Pilot Programs are designed to improve the quality of life for residents in the Durham community who are disproportionately affected by negative public safety interactions during crises. 

By providing the right response to 911 calls related to behavioral health, substance use, Intellectual Development Disability, and quality of life, the pilot programs respond to the intersectional and pervasive effects of structural racism.

In many cases, we will not be able tofind “permanent” solutions tofundamental social determinantsof health(like, for example, housing needs)nor will we be able to provide ongoing treatment for root causes of crisis (like, for example, a traumatic series of events). Butwe can (a) provide harm-reduction, person-centered, and gender-, race-, and neighborhood-conscious care in the moment of crisis and (b) help residents navigate ongoing careand services that may alterfundamental social determinants of health and/or provide medical treatment, counseling, or other behavioral health support. 

What Does Success Look Like?

  • Increase the probability that moments of crises will be de-escalated with minimal harm and person-centered therapeutic interventions
  • Increase the probability that individuals experiencing health challenges are connected to the long-term care they need and want
  • Contribute to the arduous and challenging work fo transforming sometimes strained relationships between individuals/communities and government services by extending compassionate care to those individuals and communities
  • Further increase the probability of individuals being connected to long-term care through follow-up work that helps individuals navigate health, social, and community resource systems that can be challenging to access and/or understand. 
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Pilot Programs