Implement Crime and Community Policing Strategies

The overall goal of this City of Durham Strategic Plan Initiative is to lower violent crime while building trust in the community to empower everyone to take an active role in solutions.

This initiative is positioned in the Strategic Plan Goal 2: Creating Safer Communities Together. Over the last decade, the landscape of Durham has changed dramatically. Our shops, businesses, and neighborhoods have grown-- as have our safety challenges. The concept of personal safety has evolved with the population growth of our community.
As a city, we are called to respond with a much more comprehensive plan to protect our neighbors from the consequences of crime, fire, and medical emergencies. Looking forward, our city also faces both financial and physical constraints that further inspire us to think in new ways about how to deliver exceptional public safety service.

What Does Success Look Like?

  • Community members feel educated, empowered, and supported by public safety entities in their efforts to enhance personal safety.
  • Community members are educated about crime trends, reduction, and current community based outreach programs provided by the police department.
  • There is a strong sense of trust between community members and public safety officials.
  • When emergencies arise, public safety officials are professional, efficient, and effective in their work to resolve the situation.
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artwork outside DPD Headquarters