Racial Equity

The City of Durham is committed to Advancing Racial Equity by focusing on providing access and opportunity in services delivered to the community; with a goal of making our city a more welcoming and inclusive place to live, work, and play. 

Positioned in Strategic Plan Goal 3: Connected, Engaged, & Diverse Communities - The commitment to Advancing Racial Equity was confirmed in July of 2019 with the establishment of the City of Durham Equity and Inclusion Department. The Equity and Inclusion Department looks within all aspects of City government to closely examine policies, practices, budget allocations, and programs that may perpetuate institutional racism and systemic inequities. The Department is driving the organization commitment to advancing racial equity by introducing decision making tools that center historically disadvantaged communities and embed equity considerations, to create more equitable outcomes for all.

In many cases, we will not be able tofind “permanent” solutions tofundamental social determinantsof health(like, for example, housing needs)nor will we be able to provide ongoing treatment for root causes of crisis (like, for example, a traumatic series of events). Butwe can (a) provide harm-reduction, person-centered, and gender-, race-, and neighborhood-conscious care in the moment of crisis and (b) help residents navigate ongoing careand services that may alterfundamental social determinants of health and/or provide medical treatment, counseling, or other behavioral health support. 


  • All City of Durham employees attend Advancing Racial Equity training
  • Tools introduced to guide equitable decision making
  • Equitable considerations embedded in decisions that impact delivery of services to residents
  • Increased community awareness and understanding of equity
  • Key components of the racial equity action plan implemented
  • Durham City/County Racial Equity Commission stood-up
  • Specific policies, processes and procedures analyzed with a racial equity lens
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