Reimagine Government

The purpose of Reimagining Government was twofold: 1) to determine services that needed to start, stop, continue, or be reengineered; and 2) inform the FY 22-23 Strategic Plan development.

Positioned in the Strategic Plan Goal 4: Innovative and High Performing Organization - the Reimagining Government work that the City undertook brought together a group of strategic thinkers from across the organization to evaluate challenges, opportunities, and external factors, and reimagine a “new normal” for the City of Durham.

This work demonstrated ways to reassess our government’s effectiveness to determine services to stop, start, or modify based on their operational status at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This put us in a crucial position to improve our service delivery for clients of each of our 25 (now 26) departments. 


What Does Success Look Like?

  • Identify initiatives and/or objectives that may involve process improvements
  • Evaluate performance measures that are trending poorly
  • Implement Process Improvements/Continuous Improvements based on:
    • Budget requests that budget analysts feel could be resolved with continuous improvement efforts
    • Increased efficiencies
    • Increased savings
  • Design a Continuous Improvement model that evaluates processes based on priority/feasibility score matrices.
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Process Map